Past Projects

  • Head Frame Replica

    The Headframe was designed as a replica of the No.7 Headframe located on the original South Mine lease in Broken Hill. The structure was replicated to provide a tourism icon for Broken Hill which was funded by William Seward and controlled by the Far West Regional Development Board.

  • No.2 Tank Cell Project

    The No2 Tank Cell project involved the installation of a 200 tonne lead tank cell for the Perilya Broken Hill Mine Concentrator to provide an optional floatation lead cell while performing maintenance on existing lead cell banks.

  • Bemax Mining Dredge

    Working with the Alliance Engineering Group, Lawrence Engineering assisted with the completed works of the Bemax Resources Mining Dredge in November 2005. The project involved a complete overhaul of 1100 tonne mining dredge in Broken Hill.